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An Institute for Training of Corporate, Banking & Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Investment & Security Companies, Mutual Funds, Modarabas, Sectors, as well Trainee & Young Lawyers, Members of Legal Fraternity. We Organizes Law Seminars, Conferences, Training Sessions, Speech Competitions, etc.


We also provide consultancy on Complex Legal, Local & International Taxation issues including but not limited to Common Reporting Standard/FATCA.


  • Themis School of Law
  • Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
  • NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan



Law Seminars

PGLA arranges law seminars to discuss legal matters for the corporate world, banking industry, law students and members of the legal fraternity with high profile individuals as guest speakers who belongs to the judiciary, government and multinational corporations. The speakers of our seminars are the most experienced among their respected fields having experiences of more than 30 years.


Training Sessions

In order for law students to ace their examinations and combat difficulties in their professional career as a practicing lawyer, training sessions are conducted to address and cope up with such issues. Debating sessions are also organizing to boost their confidence and court appearance skills. PGLA provides tailor made as well as customized training programs for law, corporate and banking sector.


Local & International Taxation Issue

PGLA provides consultancy on Local Income Tax, General Sales Tax, Provincial Sales Tax as well as International Taxation notably Common Reporting Standard/FATCA. We have an upcoming seminar on CRS for all the reportable financial institutions of Pakistan where a team of tax experts will explain the complex procedures to meet the compliance followed by a Q/A session.

How to grow your organisation with Us

We are in collaboration with local & international organizations as we are a team of lawyers, accountants, banking and corporate professionals. Our team is in a closed contact with the high profile persons of legal fraternity and Government Offices, and maintaining liaison to develop and formulate programs for professional development of our clients. PGLA serves as a platform with a core mission of making legal, taxation, corporate & banking matters easier for individuals and organizations. Come join us in our purpose so we help each other grow!