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Anti Money Laundering (AML)

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anti money laundering AML course PGLA
Course Details
  • Modules: 6
  • Video Lectures: 19
  • Quiz: Yes
  • Video Medium:
    English and Urdu (Bilingual)
  • Certificate:
    Will be given
Fee Details
  • Course Fee: Rs. 14,999/-
Course Overview

This training course is in compliance of regulations of state bank of Pakistan which requires employees and agent of banking and financial institution to have this training. This course seeks to cover the concepts of Money laundering and terror financing and methods and protocols which are to be followed to counter money laundering and terror financing. This training also uncovers the definition of money laundering under Anti-Money Laundering Act and affects of money laundering on financial institutions and countries.

  1. Concept and definition of money laundering
  2. Money Laundering and Globalization (Effect on institutions and country)
  3. Risk based monitoring
  4. Customer due diligence
  5. Correspondent banking and Wire Transfers
  6. STR and CTR
Who Should Attend?
  • Bankers, Auditors, Employees of banking and financial institutions
  • Company sectaries, Lawyers, law students, accountants.
Course Outcome

Following this training, the trainee/ student will have basic concept of money laundering and how criminals make black money part of formal economy. The student shall be able to access the risk and also will be able to counter the attempts of money laundering and terror financing. The person shall also be able to understand basic protocols to secure financial institution from unknowingly being part of transaction of money laundering.

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