Why Study Bar Transfer Test with PGLA?

PGLA is an Institute which aims to come up with new and innovative ideas in various fields of litigation and corporate We also provide consultancy on complex legal, local and international Taxation issues inter alia Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) & Common Reporting Standard etc. PGLA is an only authorized partner of Cambridge Law Studio in Pakistan (originally Cambridge Law Studio Ltd., UK) which provides ten-course online legal English programme for international lawyers and law students.

Our Standards of education meet the recommendations /criterion of the Bar Standards Board. See www.shorturl.at/CNRW7.

In order to achieve the goals, our lectures are more self-explanatory and detailed and individual assistance is provided to all the students.

Our tutors are highly skilled; all being qualified barristers to enhance your ability to pass the assessments.

Our students receive access to Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where they access the pre-recorded lectures.

We provide optimal guidance to our students in order for them to obtain the maximum BSB exemptions.

To make your experience more enthusiastic and interesting, our tutors have practical experience of law in courts and are specialized in civil and criminal law.

We use high quality equipment to record the lectures for those who are unable to attend classes physically.

The English Welsh Bar has one of the highest standards of practical and vocational skills, being internationally renowned for its standards. Therefore, we ensure that our students are highly trained and prepared to pass all the assessments.

PGLA has been awarded
two international Awards for legal education in Pakistan

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