Bar Transfer Test

Become a Barrister while continuing your law practice in Pakistan.
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Your admission in
Bar Transfer Test BTT is conditional upon

License to Practice in any jurisdiction of Pakistan

A good standing certificate from the licensing authority i.e., Bar Council

An Interview demonstrating your English language skills


The entire BTT with PGLA will complete in
6 Months.

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The Bar Standards Board (BSB) may grant full or partial exemption from some or all the modules of the Bar Training i.e., Academic & Vocational Training (Part A & B). Your applications for exemption will be assessed according to your academic and professional qualifications, your employment and/or practicing experience, your rights of audience, and your ‘Good Standing’. These exemptions may further be subjected to your BSB’s Professional Statement.



The Part B – The Vocational/Professional Stage of the Bar Training contains eight (8) modules. However, the Bar Standards Board may exempt some of the components of the Vocational Stage, subject to your previous experience and practice:


Civil Litigation & Evidence
Criminal Litigation, Evidence & Sentencing
Professional Ethics
Civil & Criminal Advocacy


Legal Research
Conferencing Skills
Opinion Writing

What will you learn in BTT?

As this course enables a qualified lawyer to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales, without having to undergo the full course of Bar (Part A & B), a BTT candidate is expected to learn & demonstrate high professional practice, politeness, a good awareness of responsibilities in cases, a thorough understanding in law & procedure, respect in communications and personal interactions with others.

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Candidates with the following are likely to get more exemptions

- Master of Law (LLM)

- Legal practice (3+ years)

- Law teacher

What happens when you pass
Bar Transfer Test (BTT)?

Subject to your decision letter from the Bar Standards Board, you qualify to practice at the Bar of England and Wales
Your ability to stand in any Pakistani court increases with great advocacy skills
You learn the etiquettes and decorum of the court room
Your legal vocabulary, drafting as well as your research skills would highly increase

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